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How To Choose A Bunded Oil Tank That's Right For You

You can find a huge selection of oil tanks on the market today - from single skin plastic tanks to fully bunded metal tanks. Each style of oil tank has its advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to find the most suitable one that meets your needs and specifications.

Bunded oil tanks are different from other models due to their unique tank-within-a-tank design. All bunded tanks come with a second outer layer that will contain any oil in the event of a leak or spill. For that reason, bunded tanks are generally considered the safest and most secure way to store fuel, while minimising the risk of harm to the environment and public health. Using a bunded tank to store your oil is the simplest way to ensure that your fuel is stored responsibly and in line with all current environmental legislation. With this in mind, we’re now going to discuss how to choose a bunded oil tank that’s right for you.

When is a bunded oil tank needed?

A bunded oil tank is required whenever fuel is being stored on domestic, industrial, or agricultural premises. Their unique construction means that hazardous liquids can be stored safely onsite as any leaked or spilled fuel will be securely contained within the outer skin. Without this feature, fuel may escape into the environment and cause serious environmental damage. Bunded oil tanks are specially designed to minimise the risk and offer the highest level of protection. It’s important to be aware that in some circumstances, a bunded fuel tank is required in order to stay compliant with fuel storage legislation. For instance, any container with a capacity to store more than 200 litres of fuel must be fully bunded. You should therefore always check whether you require a bunded tank for your oil storage. If you’re unsure, then you can speak with your local tank specialists or contact the Environment Agency for advice.

What size tank do I need?

Bunded oil tanks come in a huge range of sizes - domestic oil tanks are available from 650 litres to 10,000 litres capacity. In order to store your fuel safely and securely, it’s extremely important that you choose the correct sized tank for your property and fuel needs. You should always take the following into account when choosing a bunded oil tank:

  • Fuel usage - The more fuel you use, the larger oil tank you will require. Make sure you determine your average fuel use to help you decide which size tank will be more suitable.
  • Size of property - The size of your property is likely to affect how much fuel you use. For instance, a five bed household is likely to use more fuel than a three bed home. Generally, if you own a large property then you’ll need a large fuel tank to accommodate your needs.
  • Available Space - Obviously, the amount of space you have available will affect what size tank you can install on your property. If you have plenty of space available, then you may want to consider installing a larger tank so you can take advantage of cost savings through buying fuel in bulk.

What are the current regulations for a bunded oil tank?

It is important to keep in mind that all bunded oil tanks must comply with the relevant Building Regulations. These rules state that domestic oil tanks must be installed at least 1.8 metres away from any building or structure that is not fire resistance. If this is not possible, then extra safety precautions should be taken by installing a fire protection barrier with at least a 30-minute fire rating around the oil tank. Alternatively, it is possible to install a fire protected oil tank to minimise the risk of fire and stay compliant with your fuel storage. In addition, all oil tanks must have a non-combustible base that extends at least 30cm beyond the perimeter of the tank. The simplest way to ensure that your fuel storage complies with all current legislation, is by having your tank fitted by an OFTEC registered professional.

Final thought

A bunded oil tank offers many benefits over other models on the market. They’re extremely durable and offer higher levels of safety due to their unique double layered construction. This design provides extra protection by securely containing any spilled or leaked fuel, thus preventing it from escaping into the environment and causing serious damage. Bunded oil tanks come in a huge range of sizes and styles, so it’s important to find one that suits your specific needs and requirements. Remember that you can always contact your local oil tank installer for advice, if you’re unsure which bunded oil tank is best.

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