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Is My Oil Tank Efficient? Keeping your oil tank in check can be a real time and money saver over the years. Ensuring it’s kept in good shape and being looked after properly as well as used correctly means your oil tank will last much longer, saving you a lot of money and hassle.  How To Tell My Oil Tank’s Efficiency Inspect for Leaks and Corrosion Oil leaks are not only devastating for the environment, but they can also be hugely costly if not dealt with quickly. The longer leaks are left without repairs, the worse they will get which can cost you greatly over time. By doing regula..
What is Septic Tank Emptying? Septic Tank Emptying is the process of removing the contents from a septic tank via suction. A specially designed truck will use suction to remove the both the waste and the sludge from a tank via a hose inserted into the tank. Allowing a septic tank to overflow can be harmful to both the environment, and the plumbing connected to the tank so it’s incredibly important that the tank is emptied frequently. It’s generally recommended to have your tank emptied 1-2 times per year based on usage, but be sure to keep an eye on your tank and your general plumbing to se..
How to Detect Water Contamination in An Oil Tank Water contamination in an oil tank can be hugely damaging and lead to a variety of very expensive problems. If you suspect you may have water in your tank, it’s worth doing a visual check first as this will often give you an answer. Oil, when mixed with water may look either cloudy or hazy, which often means it’s been mixed with water. If the oil is completely still, you may notice a separation of layers, with water settling at the bottom separately from the oil as oil is less dense than water, so it’s easy to see the two different liquids.  ..
Do I Have a Water Storage Tank If you’re moving in to a new property and aren’t sure if you have a water storage tank, it’s worth trying to find any documentation or blueprints for the property to show you if you have one. If you have a well on your property or live in particularly remote, rural areas, it’s likely that you’ll have a storage tank.  Do I Need a Specific Tank for Drinking Water Storage? Yes. It’s very important that a storage tank that contains drinking water is suitable for potable water. It must be made of non-toxic and corrosion resistant materials, as well as having ..
What is Tank Gauging? Tank gauging is the act of measuring the volume of a particular liquid stored in a large container generally considered too big to be measured by sight. A tank gauge measures the volume of liquid inside and will also tell you when it’s the correct time to top up your tank. How Accurate Are Oil Tank Gauges? The accuracy of oil tank gauge depends greatly on the type of gauge you own. Sight Gauges are generally the least precise, but electronic gauges will give the closest accurate reading due to the level of technology involved in gathering the data needed. For a p..
Top signs it’s time for an oil tank replacement Whether you’ve been living in a house with an oil tank for a while or you are buying a house with an oil tank for the first time, it is important to know when the time is right for a replacement. All bunded oil tanks supplied by Tanks for Everything have a 10-year warranty.           But with regular servicing and maintenance to prolong its life, there is no reason why an oil tank shouldn’t last for 20 or even 25 years. There are a lot of factors which influence the lifespan of an oil tank, so it’s important never to assume ..
If your home isn’t connected to the mains sewage network, or you are thinking of buying a home which isn’t connected to the mains sewage system, you need to treat your wastewater at home. This is all the water from your sinks, shower, bath, toilets, washing machine and dishwasher. The two main ways of treating wastewater at home are using either a septic tank or a sewage treatment plant. But what is the difference between the two, and which is the best choice for you? Sewage treatment plants and septic tanks serve the same purpose, in that they both provide buildings with a way to..
What Is A Diesel Dispenser? Diesel dispensers are commonly used by businesses which need access to diesel on site, and diesel drums are either too small or too inconvenient for their needs. A diesel dispensing tank is a tank which has its own pumping equipment, meaning it is used to safely dispense fuel into a vehicle. Diesel dispensers are particularly useful in the transport and logistics and agricultural industries, as well as for fuelling back-up generators in an emergency at sites like hospitals. Owning a diesel tank makes sound business sense – helping to save time and money...
Although waste treatment equipment is nearly always necessary for most commercial spaces, choosing the appropriate one and knowing exactly what you need can be difficult. It can be time consuming looking in detail at the functions, operation, and ideal user profiles of various pieces of equipment. In this article we break down the benefits of both Septic Tanks and Sewage Treatment Plants.  Septic Tanks, What Are They? Septic Tanks are tough, watertight tanks that are often buried underground. They’re designed to receive and hold sewage and wastewater from either businesses or homes. Th..
Nothing can ruin a good day quite like having your heating switch off unexpectedly, especially during the long, cold winter months.    Not only does it mean your building will become very cold very quickly, but it could also damage your equipment if the oil runs out. Ensuring longevity for your appliances as well as maintaining steady warmth in your building is completely dependent on understanding your single skin or bunded oil tank.    How Much Does My Oil Tank Hold?  The average tank holds anywhere from 650 litres all the way up to 2,500 litres, so it can be difficult to get ..
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