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High-quality water tanks for sale

There can be many reasons for needing a water tank for residential or commercial premises. Tanks for Everything provides customers with water tanks for use in many different situations - we offer both above and below ground plastic water storage tanks, cold water tanks, galvanised steel storage tanks, potable water tanks, underground water tanks, water bowsers and a range of food grade water containers that are more than suitable for water, chemical storage, waste water and general cold water storage. All of the tanks in our range are manufactured from high-quality materials to exacting standards. We also provide advice about which water tank is the best choice for different situations, such as portable water tanks, , rainwater harvesting tanks, plastic tanks, underground tanks and insulated water tanks.

Take a look at the full range of high-quality UK water tanks that we have available or speak to us for further information.

Choosing the best water tank for you

Once you know what type of water tank product you need, take a look at our range to find the item that is best suited to your requirements. If you are looking for a cistern tank, the Polytank Cistern Water Tank 114 Litre water tanks/25 Gallons 30-19-19 is a good choice in a domestic environment. We also provide header tanks in the UK, such as the Polytank Rectangular Water Tank 114 Litres/25 Gallons (27-20-20). Options for storing water externally and rainwater harvesting, for use in your home, include the ENDURAMAXX 172503 Vertical 300 Litre Water Tank with FREE Byelaw 30 Kit which is suitable for storing drinking water and the Enduramaxx 171510 Horizontal Baffled Water Tank 1000 Litres for non-drinking water.

We also provide rainwater harvesting systems in the UK and high-quality water troughs, to provide drinking facilities for animals. We help customers find exactly what they are looking for when it comes to reliable and affordable water tanks. If you are a homeowner looking for a large capacity storage tank in order to store more water than standard water butts or if you're looking to purchase one of our large water tanks for commercial storage, we're sure to have a suitable product available. 

Why do you need a water tank?

Water tanks have many different uses, such as collecting rainwater for domestic uses, such as using stored water for window cleaning and toilet flushing. The one thing that every efficient water tank should have in common is a robust design that enables it to perform as it should for a long period of time. This is why Tanks for Everything only sells high-quality water tanks. We have a range of products available, to provide for all of your water tank needs. Our full range includes a variety of Water tanks from potable water tanks and non-potable tanks, IBC’s, bladder tanks, water bowsers, underground tanks, conical tanks, horizontal, vertical and open water tanks, water butts, loft tanks and many more

  • Water butts, rainwater filters and taps.
  • Rainwater harvesting systems.
  • Water storage tanks (above and below ground).
  • Loft and central heating water tanks.
  • Water troughs for animal drinking.
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