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Water Tanks

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Water Storage Tanks for Sale 

We supply water tanks from a range of trusted brands within the manufacturing industry like Harlequin, Enduramaxx, Graf and Puratank. We’ve been established since 2008, so have tones of knowledge about different types of water tanks and which one will suit your needs. Water storage solutions are used in the commercial and industrial industries as well as for domestic purposes. Whether you’re planning to collect rainwater, or you need a tank for transportation, we have many reliable and affordable water tanks for you to explore. We also provide advice about which tank is the best choice for different situations through our Think Tank.

These are mainly for water, but some can hold other liquids like fruit juices and chemicals too. The tanks you’ll find on this page hold a range of capacities, so whether you’re looking to store a small amount, or you’d rather keep over 1000 litres, we can find the right tank for you. They’re all compliant with industry standards to provide the best quality. 

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Water Tanks FAQ's

Which water tank do I need? 

First, you must decide on what you need it for and what requirements you’ll need. If you’re storing a high amount of water, an IBC water tank is likely to be ideal. These tanks can hold from 640 to 1000 litres and are great for transporting water and other liquids or chemicals. They can be stacked and moved around using a forklift.  

You might be a window cleaner looking to transport a smaller amount of water in a vehicle. In this case, a baffled water tank would be suitable. These are safe and secure, made with quality and consideration of longevity in mind. Our baffled tanks can hold from 250 to 1000 litres. We also have rainwater harvesting systems and water troughs – both provide high quality drinking facilities for animals.  

How to clean a water storage tank 

Start by emptying the tank. You can then disinfect it with both bleach and water. Then use a pressure washer or a brush to clean the tank further. The plastic tanks we have available are very easy to clean. Remember to do this regularly so your tank can be kept in good condition.  

Why is my water tank leaking? 

A leak might be caused by corrosion. Sometimes over a long period of time, the water in the tank can corrode the lining which leads to problems like holes and cracks. However, there can be other reasons too. There could be a fault. For example, connections and valves can become damaged or sometimes loosen which can cause water to leak. If you can’t work out why your tank is leaking or you’re unsure of how to fix it, you might want to call a specialist to have a look.  

How do I install a tank for water? 

This will depend on the type of water tank you’re installing as they’re all different. You have to know your location, the space required, and what connections you might need. Once you’ve installed your tank in the right way, you might want to consider adding accessories like ball cocks and tank linking kits.  

Where should I install my water tank? 

Tanks for domestic purposes should be as close to the house as possible or even inside. A good example of this is rainwater tanks because the downpipe connected can collect water from the roof.  

Businesses should consider keeping their tank away from dry areas and out of direct sunlight. Conditions like these can damage the tank over time. You’ll also need to have a sturdy base, so the weight of the tank doesn’t cause problems.  

There’s the question too of whether it should be installed under or above ground. Underground tanks are a good storage solution which keeps them protected from the weather and animals. We have underground tanks on our page to explore like our rainwater harvesting systems

Do I need to service my water storage tank? 

Water tanks should be serviced regularly to make sure the water inside of them is clean and everything is how it should be. Doing so helps towards the longevity of the tank to stop issues arising that could be costly in the long run. 

Maintenance on your water tank includes searching for different factors – one being leaks. These can be found by investigating the exterior for damage and checking valves to make sure they aren’t loose. Water testing and cleaning are both necessary parts of maintenance so you can be assured the water is at its best quality. Many people carry the service out themselves as it’s not a difficult process. Others prefer to call in a professional to do it for them, this way they have peace of mind that it’s been done correctly.  


Why do people store water in a tank? 

There’s a range of different water tanks on our website, all used for different reasons. Water kept for collecting rainwater intended for domestic purposes might be used for toilet flushing or cleaning windows. Animal drinking water is stored in a trough. Portable water tanks are often used by businesses as a way to access water quickly like if it’s needed for a job. 

What material are water tanks made from? 

Plastic is a good material for a water tank, more specifically polystyrene. It’s lightweight and durable, making it effective for the job. They’re easy to maintain and install. We have above and below ground plastic tanks for a range of purposes spanning the domestic, agricultural, and industrial applications. Our water storage from polytanks is manufactured to BS4213:2004 and is kitemarked. They’re manufactured within ISO 9001: 2008 and are tested to meet standards.  


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