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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between a single skin oil tank and a bunded oil tank?

A single skin tank has no secondary containment so if it leaks the oil leaks into the environment, whereas a bunded tank has an inner and outer skin which means that should the inner tank leak the oil is contained in the second skin which is also known as the bund.

What is the manufacturer's warranty on a single skin or bunded plastic oil tank?

2 years on a single skin plastic tank and 10 years on a bunded plastic tank

Can I install my own oil tank?

It is recommended that all oil tanks are installed by either an OFTEC registered technician or other competent person.

Do oil tanks require any maintenance?

Steel tanks require painting every couple of years or so. Plastic tanks are generally maintenance free - however all tanks and fittings should be checked regularly for signs of leaks and also at least annually by an OFTEC registered technician or other competent person.

My existing tank has a capacity of 2700 litres (600 gallons), would a replacement of the same capcity need to be bunded?

All oil storage tanks over 2500 litres need to be bunded at a domestic property, all oil tanks over 200 litres at commercial property need to be bunded.

Can a new plastic tank be fitted onto the existing piers of my old steel tank?

The base of the plastic tank would need to be fully supported, so concrete lintels and/or concrete paving slabs should be installed over the piers so that the pastic tank doesn't over hang at all.

My existing plastic tank is on wooden sleepers is this ok?

No, all plastic tanks should be on a non-combustible base, such as concrete lintels, paving slabs or concrete.

How big should the concrete base be for my new oil tank be?

The base should extend 300mm beyond the overall width and length of the tank.





Where can I position my new 2500 litre domestic oil tank?

Without requiring fire proofing an oil tank must be sited at least 1.8m away from a combustible structure, non-fire rated eaves, door or window into a building or boiler flue termination. The tank should also be 760mm from a non-fire rated boundary.

Can I position my oil tank next to a low level boundary wall?

Unless the wall extends 300mm beyond the height and the ends of the tank and has 30 minutes fire resistance the tank should be 760mm away.

Is it okay to install the tank next to my timber shed?

The tank should be at least 1.8m away from the shed or a fire proof barrier needs to be installed which extends 300mm beyond the height and ends of the tank and has a 30 minute fire resistance.

Do the fire regs apply to my domestic garage as no one lives in it?

Yes, the garage is classed as part of a domestic dwelling so the regulations apply to a garage as well.

Is there and alternative to fitting a fire proof barrier?

Yes, either relocate the tank so it is far enough away from the hazard not to need one or fit an Envirostore Firecheck or TUFFA Fire Stop tank.

Are Envirostore Firecheck or TUFFA Fire Stop tanks OFTEC approved?

No, but they have Local Authority Building Control (LABC) approval, please see each product for the certification.



Can you supply a replacement fill cap for my oil tank?

Yes we do, please see our Oil Tank Fittings and Accessories section.

Do you supply remote reading contents gauges for domestic oil tanks?

Yes we do and the most popular are the Watchmansonic or Apollo electonic gauges

Can I fit a sight gauge to my bunded oil tank?

No it is illegal. Sight gauges can only be fitted to single skin tanks, most bunded tanks are fitted with an electronic contents gauge.


Does my diesel storage tank need to be bunded?

All diesel storage tanks over 200 litres need to be bunded or installed inside an oil proof bund.

Is it possible to buy a new hose and trigger for my existing diesel tank?

Yes, we supply all types of hose and nozzles in our Diesel hoses, reels and gravity kits section.

Are new bunded diesel tanks supplied with filters as standard?

Our DESO range of contract diesel dispensers contain filters as standard. They are optional extras in the Harlequin Fuel Point range.

Are bunded plastic diesel dispensers suitable for bio-diesel?

All of our bunded plastic diesel dispensers are suitable for up to 5% biofuel. Above this precentage you will need to purchase a biofuel station.

What is the warranty on plastic diesel tanks?

All plastic diesel tanks have a 10 year manufacturers warranty on the tank itself and at least 12 months on the associated equipment.

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