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Diesel Tanks

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Diesel Tanks For Sale

We offer a large range of Single Skin & Bunded Diesel Tanks suitable for a variety of purposes.  Our diesel tanks have been manufactured by the most reputable brands including Harlequin, Deso, Titan, Carbery and Atlas.

Diesel fuel tanks come in a variety of configurations, including standard models with a pump, hose, and nozzle or more advanced models with flow metres and filters. There are several ways to power them: manual pumps, batteries, or mains electric.


Diesel Tank FAQ's

Do diesel tanks need to be bunded?

Diesel must be stored in a strong container that does not have the risk of leaking or bursting when full. If you're storing more than 200 litres you will require a bunded diesel tank.  Diesel tanks need to be able to handle the amount of diesel, but they also need to be made from a safe material that won’t corrode or leak.

What is the life expectancy of a diesel tank?

The average diesel storage tank life exepctancy is around 20 years. A diesel tank's lifespan might differ based on a number of variables, such as the kind of tank, the material used in construction, upkeep procedures, and surrounding circumstances.

Are plastic diesel tanks better than steel diesel tanks?

Steel is preferable over plastic mostly because of its durability and security. Though these are valid factors to take into account, a plastic diesel tank is usually a more affordable optiion. 

What liquids can diesel dispensing tanks be used for storing and dispensing?

Diesel dispensing tanks should only be used to store and dispense diesel.

How long can diesel be stored in a tank?

Diesel fuel can be kept in a clean, dry, and cold atmosphere for as long as six months to a year without experiencing any noticeable deterioration. However, the fuel's shelf life may be drastically shortened if it is exposed to extreme heat, moisture, or other impurities.



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