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Rainwater Harvesting Systems

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With water being a valued commodity many parts of the UK are now charging households for their water usage, Rainwater Harvesting system installations have been on the increase over the recent years.

There are many benefits to storing rainwater in a rainwater harvesting system, the main one being the saving made on metered water costs which can see up to 50% savings. Other key benefits to harvesting rainwater include contributing to reduced flood risks and lowering the load on combined sewer overflows improving river water quality.

Domestic rainwater harvesting systems can be split into three categories. These categories are:

Garden Systems - Ideal for Garden Irrigation and small vehicle washing.

Domestic Systems Indirect / Gravity - Where the rainwater is pumped to a header tank, which then distributes the water to the required appliances (washing machines, garden taps, toilets etc). These systems also ensure that the rainwater in the tank is replenished with mains water once the stored water is exhausted.

Domestic Systems Direct - When the supply of rainwater is exhausted the unit uses mains water to replenish the tank. The pump in the tank is then ensured of a constant supply of water to feed washing machines, garden taps and toilets etc.


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