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Plastic Bunded Oil Tanks

Plastic Bunded heating oil tanks UK

Purchasing a high quality plastic bunded heating oil tank is an excellent investment. You can store oil for your heating system, safely and effectively. Tanks for Everything provides customers with a wide range of tanks from top manufacturers. This means that you can buy a heating oil tank in the UK, which will help you prevent leaks, save wastage, cut costs and protect the environment.

Take a look at the plastic bunded oil tanks we provide.

Why choose a plastic bunded heating oil tank?

If you have an oil powered heating system in your home or business premises, you need to invest in a safe and durable tank in which to store the oil. Plastic heating oil tanks are a good choice as they are less prone to rust than some metal tanks. Bunded heating oil tanks are a sensible option if you are in an environmentally sensitive environment, or you are storing a large quantity of oil. This is because they consist of an inner tank where the oil is stored and an outer tank, which exists to provide protection to the inner tank. Buying a bunded heating oil tank in the UK means that you have additional protection against leaks.

Various brands of tank to choose from

Tanks for Everything has considerable experience of providing plastic bunded heating oil tanks for businesses and residential premises in the UK. Our range of tanks provides storage options for up to 10,000 litres of heating oil. We know how important it is for a heating oil tank to be of high quality, which is why we only sell tanks that have been manufactured by the most reputable brands. The Harlequin 350 HQi is an entry-level bunded oil tank. The purchase involves the tank only which means you can choose the additional fixtures that you want to purchase. Atlas bunded oil tanks, like the Atlas 1000 BSA SL, come with an electronic gauge and filter kit and a ten-year warranty as standard. This Atlas tank will store up to 1,000 litres of oil. For larger oil storage requirements, the DESO V5000BT can store up to 5,000 litres of oil. This is just a selection of the top brand plastic bunded heating oil tanks that Tanks for Everything has available for you.

Peruse our full range of tanks and choose the one that best suits your requirements.

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