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What Is a Baffled Water Tank?

Whether you work cleaning cars, windows, in agriculture, or just enjoy a road trip in a caravan, the issue of transporting the water that you need around can be tricky. Water is not only heavy, but it also can slosh around and throw vehicles off balance through the sudden changes in placement of the weight, especially if the water is being transported over rough or uneven ground. This can be a very dangerous situation and a solution to this problem is needed.

As a solution to the safe and effective transportation of water issue, baffled water tanks have been designed.

Specially Designed Water Tanks

A baffled water tank is a specially designed tank for the transportation of water. In a baffled water tank, the movement of water is restricted within the tank through a system of ‘baffles’ or holes and grooves, and sometimes special plates.

A baffled water tank can be found in a range of different sizes – from a small 250 litre baffled tank, to the larger 1000 litre baffled tank. They will usually also come in a range of different colours – some of which are WRAS (Water Regulation Advisory Scheme) approved. If the baffled water tank has been WRAS approved, it should be appropriate to use to store and transport potable (drinking) water.

It is important to remember when transporting a tank of water, that its weight can be significant – 1 litre of water is equivalent to 1 kg – and this must be factored into the overall weight of your vehicle, as well as the empty weight of the baffled water tank if you have weight constrictions.

Choosing the Right Size Baffled Water Tank

Ensuring that you have the best size baffled water tank is important for the most effective transportation of water. Of course, there is no point in using a water tank that does not carry enough water for your needs. However, there are also downsides to carrying more than you need.

Carrying extra water can be wasteful in terms of space as well as the amount of fuel that is needed to transport it, and wear and tear on the vehicle. All vehicles also have a weight limit for how much they can safely transport, so this also must be taken into consideration.

Choosing the right size baffled water tank will depend on what you are using the water for. Typically, an average-sized car will take about 100 litres to be washed using a pressurised washing system. A domestic window cleaner will typically use around 350 litres of water each day.

In addition to this, you should also consider the access that you have to water. Will you need to put in a few days’ worth due to limited access to water or can you refill your tank each day?

Other Considerations When Choosing a Baffled Water Tank

In addition to the size and colour of the baffled water tank, there are some other aspects that should be taken into consideration. These include:

Outlet Size – It is important that you check that you choose the right output size for your water tank. These will normally be 0.75” to 1.5”.

Outlet Valve – You can also consider the outlet valve type and size. Some baffled water tanks are available with no outlet valve, whereas other may have a ball valve fitted.

Vented lid – It is important that the pressure inside the tank is kept balanced. This means that when it is being filled with water the air can escape, and vice versa. For this reason, a ventilated lid is needed. You should be able to get this when you buy the rest of the baffled water tank.

Other Equipment

If you are buying a baffled water tank, there may be some other equipment that you might need to buy. The equipment that you need will depend on what you are using it for, but this includes:

Pump system – You may want to also install a pump system. This would include a pump, pump controller, power source (such as a leisure battery).

Heavy-duty hose – Regardless of what you are using your baffled water tank for, you will almost certainly require a heavy-duty hose for the output of the water. This may be pressurised – or may not. You may wish to also fit a water filtration system and connector clips.

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